The Cantal is known for its splendid nature and landscapes. This department is sparsely populated and tourism is not developed, so nature is little violated.

The birds of prey, like buzzards and kites, float above the lake and regularly an osprey dives to catch a fish. At night, you can often hear owls, like the tawny owl. Also smaller birds are largely represented at our campsite, like different woodpeckers, finches, and titmice. Now and then a kingfisher flies over the lake.

In the forests live squirrels, ermines, martens and wild boars. Sometimes you can see deer drinking at the water. From time to time you can see a fox in the neighbourhood, while the badger is more difficult to discover. Even the rare genet has been spotted in 2009! This animal only lives in thin populated regions.

As well as the trout as the otter living in the river, signifies an excellent quality of the water.

Different species of butterflies can be admired at the campsite, like the swallow-tail and the humming-bird butterflies. You can also observe many lizards, like the emerald lizard, and grasshoppers, like the long-horned grasshopper.

At the campsite grows a large variety of flowers and plants, like wild strawberry, peppermint, foxglove.

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